Port Miami Logo Port Miami Receives New Cranes – Port Miami has received four new super-post-Panamax cranes in preparation of the mega ships that will be passing through the Panama Canal in 2015. The port now has a total of six super-post-Panamax cranes with a reach of 22 containers.

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Pesticides and Chemicals Stuck at Ports Because of Federal Shutdown – In the last 10 days of the government shutdown, millions of dollars of imported agricultural chemicals have been stuck at U.S. ports because Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) personnel are not on hand to approve entry. The EPA must approve all imported agricultural chemicals for entry into the U.S.

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New Advanced Radioactive Detectors at Major Indian Ports – The government has asked that all major ports install advanced radiation detection equipment to prevent hazardous materials from being shipped into the country and to tighten security. The equipment comprises vehicle monitoring system, a portal monitor and a special nuclear material baggage detection system.

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Government Shutdown Postpones Trade Talks with EU – The government shutdown has caused the United States to postpone the second round of trade talks with the European Union. However, the European commissioner for trade has stated that the delay will not distract from the ultimate aim of achieving an ambitious trade and investment deal.

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