containership at port with birds Major West Coast Cargo Diversion Called ‘Unlikely’ – After the Panama Canal expansion scheduled for 2014, many have seen the East and Gulf Coast ports taking a large share of cargo that traditionally arrived in Los Angeles, Long Beach and other West Coast ports.  However, some industry experts are now arguing that a massive West Coast exodus is unlikely due to the longer transit time and potentially marginal cost savings on all water routes.

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Shipping Companies Using Armed Guards Against Pirates – Last year marked a record number of maritime pirate attacks costing $2.4 billion.  In the next year and a half, 20 percent of ships will employ armed guards in and around the Gulf of Aden.  Currently, only 12 percent of vessels use armed security.


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Mississippi River Flooding Impacts Shipments – Portions of the Mississippi River that act as a major transportation corridor for U.S. grain exports have reopened.  Record flooding in the region has displaced thousands of people in the region while dredging efforts continue to improve the situation.

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