Collapsible Cargo Container Being Tested – A new collapsible container design is being developed by the Dutch company Cargoshell.  The new container is made of lightweight composite materials and, according to the manufacturer, can be broken down by one person in 30 seconds.  This collapsed footprint takes only one fourth of the space compared to a standard container.  Due to the smaller footprint and lighter weight, the container is designed to save energy during transport and handling.

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Challenges to Europe’s Cap-and-Trade Policy – In 2012, the European Union (E.U.) plans to include all airlines that take off or land in Europe in their Emissions Trading System (ETS).  Under the plan, airlines will becharged the entire cargo emissions of their plane’s routes, even those outside of E.U. airspace.  This has many U.S. airlines and lawmakers claiming that the plan would violate international law.  The legality of this plan is currently being evaluated by the highest court in the E.U.  .

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US-Mexico Agree on Trucking Pact – A new cross-border trucking agreement was finalized that will end punitive tariffs implemented by Mexico on certain U.S. products.  These tariffs, which amounted to $2.4 billion, were implemented as a result of a breakdown in the previous agreement.  U.S. exports welcomed the news while many U.S. truckers and labor groups continue to raise concerns about competition as well as the safety and oversight of the Mexican trucks.

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China Eases Barriers for Foreign Vendors – The Chinese government has softened its stance on foreign entities bidding for technology or energy contracts.  This comes as welcome news to firms in Europe and the U.S. as these contracts amount to approximately $1 trillion annually.

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