This Week in Global 2022lpl 45 Ship Fuel Taxes to Help Poverty and Climate Change – The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) drafted a proposal that outlined the potential source of revenue from a bunker fuel tax. The funds raised would be used to pay for air pollution reduction efforts as well as fight poverty in developing countries. A study conducted by World Bank estimated that a tax on fuel in the shipping and aviation sectors could raise $250 billion annually in 2020, and result in a reduction of emissions output from 5-10 percent. Negotiations are currently at a stand-still.

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Smog Causes Cancellations at Beijing Airport – Due to heavy smog and poor visibility, Beijing International Airport was forced to cancel flights on Monday. The air quality index ranged from 300 to 500, which is considered “hazardous” to human lungs.  The cancellations were the latest sign that pollution in China is leading to significant economic losses.

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Occupy Movement Schedules Port Protests – Protestors of the Occupy Movement announced schedules for demonstrations at West Coast Ports next week. They will attempt to shutdown the ports of Oakland, Los Angeles-Long Beach, Portland, Longview and Seattle on December 12 th . An International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) spokesman stated that if there are no health or safety concerns, union members are prepared to work during the protests. The Port of Oakland is taking extra measures to fight the shutdown attempt by explaining the economic harm the situation could pose thru print and new media.

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Marine Simulation Center Opens in Australia – This week marks the opening of the Farstad Shipping Offshore Simulation Center in Perth, Australia. According to Norway-based Farstad Shipping ASA, the facility is a key investment in their employee’s skills and safety. The purpose of the center is to provide a training facility for personnel to test offshore operations under realistic conditions. The center is the world’s largest and most advanced offshore simulation center for marine operations.

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