Port of Long Beach Looking for Chassis Solution – This week, the Port of Long Beach announced a new plan to tackle congestion problems at the port.  The Port’s Chief Executive, Jon Slangerup, will bring a plan to the Harbor Commissioners next month.  The plan’s goal is to create an efficient model for managing chassis.  Slangerup feels that the “root cause of peak congestion issues” is the shortage of chassis during peak hours.

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Manila Port Congestion Persists Amid Corruption Allegations – On Thursday, the International Container Terminal Services, Inc (ICTSI) President, Christian Gonzalez, spoke before a Senate committee about a “culture of corruption” at the Port of Manila.  The Philippines’ largest port has been plagued by massive congestion problems as the port’s infrastructure has failed to keep up with growing cargo volume.  According to Gonzalez, widespread corruption has been a major issue since the 1980s.

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