Oakland Terminal Closes Over Labor Dispute – The Port of Oakland’s largest container terminal was shut down Wednesday after the ILWU Local 10 tried to impose its own staffing requirements.  These requirements were discussed during the ILWU-PMA contract negotiations but not part of the tentative agreement reached last month.  The PMA issued a statement on the matter saying in part, “These repeated work stoppages by Local 10 … are the sort of counterproductive activity that has become commonplace in Oakland over the years” and are damaging to  “the reputation and future of the Port of Oakland.”

Read the PMA’s Press Release

Europe Attempts Unified Drone Regulations – The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued a proposal to regulate civil drone use. Currently, drones regulations vary by European country. The proposal covers various uses from farming to package delivery.

Read more from Reuters

LA Launches “Peel Off” to Fight Backlog – As a strategy to help alleviate the backlog of containers at the Port of Los Angles, officials have announced a new program called “Peel Off.” The program involves “peeling off” high-volume customers to a near-dock yard before being transported to inland destinations.

Read more from the Long Beach Press Telegram

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