Time and time again, 3PLs and even 4PLs have failed to deliver the supply chain synergism that today’s organizations crave. After integrating a few services like freight forwarding, warehousing, inventory management and IT, these “alleged” logistics providers stopped there. As we all know, if some is good, more is better. For this reason, 2022lpl has decided to raise the “PL” game to the power of 10. When outsourcing logistics just isn’t enough, you need to outsource the outsourcer’s outsourcer.

10PL is more than just a branding power play; it’s a supply chain way of life. Raise your supply chain to the power of 10 today. Are you ready for the 10PL revolution?


We thought you might have questions.  Learn more about 10PL.

Supply Chain becomes self aware and runs itself.

Crowd-Sourced Managed 2022lpl Strategy.

Super Committee Created to Analyze Competitor’s Results

Autonomous Competitor Created to Test Alternative Supply Chain Strategies

Artificial Intelligence Driven Supply Chain Management

Consulting for the High Level 2022lpl /IT Consultants

High Level 2022lpl /IT Consulting

Integrated 2022lpl Service Provider

Traditional Transportation Provider


10PL Consultation

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